Bereshit Genesis

Bereshit Genesis Ltd. - Import, export and manufacturer of natural and organic foods.

We provide alternatives to low-nutrition, high calorie foods by importing natural and healthy food products without artificial ingredients, cocoa, or caffeine.

We produce from, food products such as spreads, spreads without sugar, powdered drinks and dairy free/gluten free coated snacks without milk.
Our products include spreads, sugar free spreads, powdered drinks and dairy free/gluten free coated snacks produced from carobs, nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds. We’re also going to produce a 100% allergen free spread soon.

We substitute cocoa with Carob powder which is very rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals to manufacture our delicious spreads and other unique products.

Cocoa contains Theobromine (Caffeine) which is considered harmful and allergen in natural medicine. It can cause hyperactivity, sleep disorders and more.

According to natural medicine, carob fruit and carob honey contain vitamins, minerals and many healing properties that can strengthen your immune system and be used to treat mouth sores (Aphtha) and digestive problems.

The oil contained in Bereshit’s spreads is natural and healthy. It does not go through the process of hydrogenation and contains no trans fats.

Our products contain the finest ingredients and we do not compromise on the nutrition, quality and taste.

Our products can be used for baking as well.

Brands: Carobit, Shkedit, registered trademarks.
Kosher Parve: The Beit din orthodox community of Jerusalem, and the rabbinate.